Please consider being part of our LC Gridiron Club!


The LCHS Gridiron Club is a group mainly comprised of parents that work closely with, and help support the LCHS Football Program.


This wonderful club helps to keep the wheels of our program turning by setting up fundraising events, setting up and running our spirit wear tables and booths and in general helping the football program stay alive.


This year's Gridiron Club has open enrollment and no membership fees. So if your interested in being a part of this great club all you have do is show up and sign up. 

Currently all meetings are being held at the high school 


Here is a list of the 2021 Gridiron Board members & Coordinators.

PRESIDENT            VICE PRESIDENT             SECRETARY               TREASURER          Snack Bar Coordinator      Volunteer Coordinator

Tracy Davis             Alana Schwartz                Open                          Open                      Open                                     Open


        Contact  us at: